Jim - Thanks for building me another EXCELLENT RIFLE! This target rifle in 6.5X47 Lapua practically shoots itself. Although conditions where not the best while shooting, all assorted loads grouped .338" and under. The best groups were .187" .167" and .149". I'm sure with the right conditions this rifle will shoot in the zeros! Thanks, Chris.

On Point Ent. LLC - Day 2 training. Today we started with some class time and followed that up with some barricade technique and general shooting. After a great lunch we were back out in the wind measuring cross wind jump and wrapped up some timed barricade practice 5 shot drills. Thank you Jim See you are a wonderful instructor and we look forward to having you back soon.

Jim is personable, obviously knowledgeable and has the ability to take what he knows and accurately share it with his students. He is NOT a "do it this way because I said so" but much more a "this works for me because... see if it works for you" kind of guy. He is a solid, clear, direct and experienced shooter and instructor. If you get the opportunity to take coursework from him, do it, without hesitation! Bill

Jim, My rifle is shooting very well; I shot quite a bit two weeks ago. I drove out to the farm in Kansas, and it was averaging a little over 2" at 703 and a little over 4" at 1010 I'm very pleased with the results! Thanks again Jim

Jim, I shot a 300 yard four shot group last night that was .700", with three in .450". Thanks you are the best! Paul W.

Jim, I wanted to take a moment and thank you! This rifle shoots like nothing else I have ever had! Wow is this great. Your assistance with the caliber choice was unbelievable. 6.5x47 Lapua is the bomb. Thanks for helping me out while I was deployed. Through email communication you stuck by and dealt with delay after delay. I really appreciate it. 1/2 inch groups... ha... I have got better and I can do it with 123 gr Sierra's... 130 Bergers... and 142 Sierra match! Harvey H.

Jim, I just wanted to drop you a line on where she's at. 69 grains RE-22, Fed 215, 110 Accubond running at 3455 average is producing well under 1/2 MOA at 300 yards. This has been tested by 3 different shooters with one being a 15 year. He is very excited to use it for the upcoming youth hunt as I am for him. Then it will go to Colorado for 2nd season as my packing gun. Thanks, Dave

Jim - Finally got out and shot the 6 BR. and as you can see it shoots great!!! Thanks again. Chris K.

Jim, I went through the break in procedure on Friday night and Saturday. Last night I put 4 rounds in 1 hole at 200 yards. I moved to 400 yards and shot. The grouping was fantastic. The rifle is definitely a shooter, Thanks for another hammer, Greg

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