Precision Rifles

Gun Smithing

I have established a track record of producing the most accurate rifles available today. Precision rifles are built using the finest custom components available. I use highly refined procedures — some of which I developed — in order to produce rifles that consistently perform. Your custom rifle will be purpose-built to your specific needs. Each customer will receive a completion date based upon the parts the customer supplied, and any parts that may suffer from extended manufacturers lead times. I have historically met completion dates on 95% of the rifles I have contracted.

The top 10 shooters in the nation shooting in Squad 1 at the 2015 PRS Finale

2015 PRS Finale, Top 10 Shooters in Nation Shooting (Squad 1)


I offer individual and group training programs for PRS style rifle competitions, from introductory to advanced precision rifle classes, at multiple locations. Contact me for details. Or check out our Facebook page for class scheduled and locations.